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Ciencia e innovación

¿What does it mean to me?


  • Implementation of instruments that increase the participation in RTDI funding and foster RTDI investments from foreign businesses.
  • Increase researchers incorporation in businesses.

Other stakeholders

The Strategy will work for the implementation of efficient coordination mechanisms among all the stakeholders of the Spanish System of Science, Technology and Innovation.

In this context, the priorities and objectives are shared by all the administrations and the elaboration of the priorities means a general agreement among all the stakeholders of the System.


The Strategy seeks to disseminate the benefits generated by the scientific and technological knowledge, its application and dissemination to the productive sector, and the generation and adoption of key innovations to modernize the country.

More specifically, the Strategy fosters RTDI activities that focus to the global challenges of the Society. This objective responds to the necessity to foster the scientific and innovative potential into areas that tackle global challenges and answer different problems of our Society that need specific RTDI inputs.

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